If the warranty fits

If the warranty fits

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s all about choice and the freedom to pick and choose what suits you. FOCUS discovers that this is just what International Trucks gives its customers when it comes to warranties.

No matter what you’re hauling, from frozen foods to minerals, you need to know that there’s someone by your side. Uptime maximisation is the name of the game, whether you’re a business owner, independent truck driver or fleet manager.

International’s base driveline warranty is two years or 402 000 km, whichever occurs first. This has been boosted with the introduction of a full suite of value added products available as an option including extended engine warranties, service and maintenance plans and extended driveline warranties.

The extended warranties offer have a Tow and Travel benefit providing R4 000 towards towing and travel costs (this is only applicable within the borders of South Africa and subject to cover by the warranty).

Regarding the service plan, customers pay the routine vehicle servicing upfront and only service items on the vehicle as recommended by the vehicle manufacturer are covered. The maintenance plan on the other hand covers the vehicle’s maintenance requirements over a specified period and includes service components, wear and tear components and component failure. The latter is limited as per contract terms.

The extended manufacturer warranties include an extended engine warranty of three-years/400 000 km, four-years/600 000 km, five-years/600 000 km or five-years/800 000 km. The components covered include parts containing words such as valve, cylinder, shaft, pump, cap and compressors (the list really is too comprehensive to note here).

An extended engine warranty top-up can also be added, increasing the guarantee by a further two-years/200 000 km, with a maximum benefit of R100 000. Components covered include cylinder blocks, camshaft forging, crankshaft gears and much-much more.

The warranty on the driveline can also be extended to three-years/400 000 km, four-years/600 000 km, five-years/600 000 km or five-years/800 000 km – and a top-up extended driveline warranty of two-years/200 000 km can be added if required.

Both the extended and top-up driveline warranties have a maximum benefit of
R70 000 on the gearboxes, R50 000 on the differentials, R15 000 for the electronic control units, with the same amount for the cooling systems. The braking systems have a maximum benefit of R6 000, as do the steering and electrical systems.

The company also offers five-year/800 000 km manufacturer maintenance and service plans.

“We are proud to offer this expanded range of value-added products to our customers,” says parts and aftermarket general manager Bertie Kok. “Competitively priced parts and uncomplicated vehicle design allows for cost effective maintenance, coupled to excellent resale values, results in a combined package that provides exceptional overall operational life cycle costs.”

International has also expanded its dealer network into sub-Saharan Africa in the past few months, with dealerships now located in Zambia, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Angola – and plans to expand even further into Africa in the next few months. With International’s complete range of value added products and growing dealer network, you can be reassured that wherever you are on the road International is with you all the way.

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