In touch with fleet management

In touch with fleet management

Technology, just like time, is speeding along and Ctrack – a specialist in vehicle tracking, fleet management and insurance telematics – is keeping pace.

The company has added a new product to its portfolio, called Ctrack On-the-Road (OTR), which is based on the Android platform and uses a full-colour touch screen to enhance driver experience.

“Ctrack is continually identifying and redefining innovative applications and future telematics trends,” says Nick Vlok, CEO of DigiCore, supplier of Ctrack. “The concept of total fleet management is gathering momentum, offering deeper fleet analysis and a productive measure to improve operational efficiencies.”

Ctrack points out that OTR is helping with this as it is a complete onboard messaging and navigation system that assists fleet operators to save time and money through advanced navigation, optimal route planning, voice functionality (allowing calls to predetermined numbers), task management and driver behaviour attributes. This helps to lessen distances travelled, thereby cutting fuel and maintenance costs.

But the system doesn’t only choose the shortest route as it uses real time traffic information to divert drivers away from congested roads. It also caters for the “big boys” as the onboard navigation can be set to include a truck’s weight and size constraints as part of its route planning.

Ctrack OTR also has a built-in, front-view camera to record video and take snapshots in case of an accident to help determine what might have gone wrong. However, the company is promoting safety and better driving as the OTR’s instant messaging service can only be accessed if the vehicle is stationary.

Ctrack states that the OTR communication system integrates seamlessly into a fleet and is easily configured into cars, vans, trucks and heavy-duty vehicles, providing an all-in-one vehicle tracking and fleet communications solution.

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