Keeping contestants visible

Keeping contestants visible

Ctrack has been a partner of Truck Test since its inception. Whether it’s about monitoring and recording operating times, or the measurement of fuel consumption data of the participating vehicles, Ctrack has the solution. FOCUS speaks to Hein Jordt, managing director at Ctrack’s Fleet Management Solutions division to find out more

Ctrack has become an integral part of Truck Test with its technology being used as verification of how, when and where vehicles are being driven during the event. Each year the company provides the right solution to meet the adjudication criteria of the judging panel. In 2013, Ctrack Wireless, a portable and rechargeable vehicle tracking system, was used to provide the accurate information of each vehicle’s whereabouts timeously – including date and time, speed, heading, virtual distance and status. The team wanted a quick, easy-to-fit solution. (Ctrack Wireless is often used for trailer tracking, generators and containers.)

Jordt says: “Ctrack provided valuable information to the organisers of Truck Test 2013, especially when vehicles slowed down and pulled off at the weighbridge between Rustenburg and the refuelling point at Engen Hartbeespoort. Organisers could see exactly where vehicles were on the route and when they were expected back at the refuelling point.”

Keeping contestants visibleHe continues: “In 2012, we provided our advanced fleet management solution which enabled the recording of accurate vehicle-related information such as fuel consumption, driving behaviour, driving times and stopping times. Most of this information was recorded from the vehicles’ onboard CANBus technology to which Ctrack was connected.” This wealth of information provided real-time feedback for the contenders, who eagerly worked with this data after the event to implement improvements.

For Truck Test 2014, the latest Ctrack Solo advanced vehicle monitoring units will be fitted.

Jordt says: “We are excited that Ctrack is once again the vehicle tracking technology supplier to Truck Test. Ctrack’s internet tracking software applications will provide the event coordinators and participants with the opportunity to view the movements of all the vehicles on their tablets or smart phones.” Movement-related data, such as driving times, duration of stops, maximum and average speeds, distances travelled and fuel consumed will also be reported.

With 2014 being the third Truck Test, the competitiveness and need for accurate reporting has intensified. So Ctrack has come to the table with its proven, fully installed fleet management solution, which is deployed in many fleets, both locally and internationally. This sort of technology is used to provide cost savings by improving productivity, enhancing security and promoting better driving habits, thereby reducing vehicle-related costs such as fuel, accidents, and insurance premiums.

Keeping contestants visibleJordt says that the test is an opportunity for the vehicle original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to obtain valuable vehicle-related information in a controlled test environment, which highlights their vehicles’ performance credentials. “It’s an opportunity to see how vehicles will perform in terms of fuel consumption, and can be used as an industry benchmark for the expected performance of similar types of vehicles. Customers can then make informed decisions when purchasing new vehicles, based on their operational requirements, and can also use these results as benchmarks for their own operations,” he adds.

In conclusion, he says: “We hope to continue our relationship with the test for many years to come. This year, we will again provide units for all participating vehicles, as well as monitoring software for the organisers and event coordinators. And although this is all within the confines of a testing environment, the learning and knowledge sharing opportunities go a long way to assisting fleet managers and operators with their everyday challenges. Ctrack’s ongoing investment in research, development and design aims to contribute to the process of making the industry a safer and more efficient one.”

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Key players in the FOCUS editor’s quest to go trucking! From left: Janke van Jaarsveld (IDes Driving Academy), Alexander Taftman (Scania), Charleen Clarke (FOCUS), John Nelson (Scania) and Shane September (Scania).
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