Lap times at lunch

Lap times at lunch

Should you encounter a slow day at the office, with absolutely nothing else to do, feel free to try out some thrill-a-minute 3D online entertainment.

Renault Racing has launched a free online truck racing game available for download on GameFlare.

Featuring a diverse range of Renault trucks, the game has several racetracks to choose from, allowing users to race their preferred truck on their track of choice in different disciplines including: Training, Racing, and Championship.

Though not exactly Gran Turismo, the controls are easy to grasp while the graphics are typical of a 3D programme of this size. Riding in a Championship will allow you access to a larger range of Renault trucks to race and although the range of tracks may feel limited, the game is designed purely for escapist value.

Be warned, however, that FOCUS will not take any responsibility for you using your company internet to share lap-times with your colleagues at the water fountain tomorrow.

Check out Renault Trucks Racing here.

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