Leading with Innovative Support

Leading with Innovative Support

Fleet owners know that every second of saved uptime means increased revenue, maximised efficiency and new opportunities. That is why Volvo Trucks Southern Africa (SA) is continuing to expand and strengthen its dealer network throughout the region.

The company, which now has 18 dealers in South Africa, is broadening its reach systematically and with a focused strategy of bringing valuable support right to customers’ doorsteps.

“Our dealers are total-solution providers. The products form the core of our offering. They are supported by innovative aftermarket and extended services that make a real difference to fleet owners’ businesses,” says Christian Coolsaet, MD of Volvo Trucks SA.

“We believe the world-class quality, expertise and technological prowess provided by our dealers, give our customers the edge in a highly competitive market.”

Volvo Trucks has a recently established dealership in Harrismith, and will also be opening a new facility in Bloemfontein in June, at an investment of R15 million.

The company’s expanded footprint means that customers are closer to accredited dealers, and have easier access to manufacturer-trained technicians and genuine parts. Volvo Trucks is planning to have 25 dealers by the end of 2015.

Trained Dealers + Innovative Technology = Increased Uptime

Volvo Trucks SA invests heavily in the training of its dealer staff to enable them to effectively support their customers. Innovative support offerings include a new telematics system, a mobile phone application and numerous fuel-saving features to effectively assist fleet owners to cut their transport costs.

“We believe that Volvo Trucks Southern Africa is leading the way in supporting fleet owners in a modern and interactive, yet very practical, way,” says Coolsaet.

One of the ways Volvo Trucks is assisting customers to save costs is with its Dynafleet fleet management system. This state-of-the-art system includes a phone app that is aimed specifically at drivers.

With the new app, drivers can see for themselves how efficiently they drive, compare their performance with that of their colleagues and improve their driving techniques. One of the app’s main functions – Fuel Efficiency Score – rates the driver’s performance in four areas that, in various ways, impact the truck’s fuel consumption: anticipation and braking, engine and gearbox utilisation, speed adaption, and standstill. The results are then collated to produce an overall score.

As part of Volvo’s Telematic Gateway, FH fleet owners receive constant updates on the performance of trucks and drivers in commercial fleets – wherever they are. This makes it possible to easily pinpoint critical data and take immediate action for reduced costs and better vehicle usage.

In addition, as an answer to ever-changing industry requirements, and to support customers in their quest for optimum uptime, the Volvo Trucks Gauteng branch has also recently implemented extended workshop hours; from 07:00 to 23:00 on weekdays, and from 08:00 to 15:00 on Saturdays.  

“Our dedicated dealer teams and advanced technology help fleet owners manage unplanned repairs, no matter where their trucks may be. Our teams won’t stop working until the truck is back on the road. It’s one more way we’re helping fleet owners deliver on their own commitments to their customers,” says Coolsaet.

The future

With the most modern and innovative product line-up ever, in the FH16, FH, FM and FMX model ranges, Volvo Trucks has an outstanding ability to help customers to improve productivity and profitability.

“Going into the future, it is becoming more and more important to explore and understand a region’s local operating environment, and to adapt our business to meet our customers’ transport requirements,” says Coolsaet.

“After operating in South Africa for more than 13 years, Volvo Trucks believes it is able to meet these unique requirements and offer local customers the professional support they require and deserve.”

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