Lending an online hand

Lending an online hand

Wouldn’t it be great if you could get your vehicle serviced over the internet by just leaving it in a Wi-Fi hotspot and returning when the job’s done? As part of its 100th birthday celebrations, Textar – a German-based brake components and parts manufacturer – is making this possible … Well, sort of (just add a mechanic).

Textar is offering a web-based service, which takes the form of an online workshop encompassing free training videos, animations and technical brochures. The company states that detailed instructions and images enable mechanics to keep up to date with the latest technology and equipment.

“The new web presence provides garages and workshops with comprehensive support in technical matters as well as in the presentation of their services,” says Brendon Waller, product manager of Control Instruments’ automotive brake division.

Control Instruments is the sole distributor for Textar in sub-Saharan Africa.”The service covers Textar products, marketing support, point of sale items, technical information and online training,” says Waller.

The training videos provide detailed, step-by-step instructions for changing a complete set of brakes, general technical information on brake-related issues as well as descriptive articles on the functions of brake systems and typical problems associated with improper installation – demonstrated for professionals.

“The videos are a good source of information for workshop mechanics to ensure that brakes are changed correctly and efficiently every time,” Waller points out. “And the short introductions also offer garages an appealing way to familiarise customers with the topics.”

So it might be some time before vehicle servicing is done remotely via the internet, but until then Textar is lending mechanics a helping online hand.

See more on the web-based service here.

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