Loadtech’s fancy gadgets

Loadtech’s fancy gadgets

Loadtech, a leading South African manufacturer of quality load cells and weighing technology, partnered with Truck Test for the second time and, once again, its gadgets didn’t disappoint. Loadtech showed off its new wireless technology used in its OnBoard weighing systems

John Harrison, Loadtech MD, says the difference between the OnBoard wireless weighing system and previous systems is the use of wireless signals between sensors, instead of cables.

“This new technology works by mounting wireless, remote weight sensors on each axle group to measure the loaded weight. The weights are sent to a hand-held display, which assists the driver to load correctly,” explains Harrison.

Loadtech’s load cell range extends from 300 g to 500 t with accuracies from 0,2 to 0,03 percent, most of which are available from stock.

The benefits of this wireless technology include a reduction in cost and long-term maintenance downtime of the system. It is also easy to install.

Loadtech has been working to resolve overloading in the trucking industry since 2000, but began manufacturing weighing sensors for the industrial weighing market in 1987. “Over the years, Loadtech has continually developed new and better products to meet the requirements of the trucking industry,” says Harrison.

Loadtech also markets the nifty Vigia tyre-pressure system. “This system has been available for the past few years and has proved that it is able to withstand the rough conditions found in the African market,” says Harrison.

The system jumps into action in the event of a loss of tyre pressure. Harrison explains: “The Vigia system will pump the tyre while the truck is moving so that it can reach its destination on time. The tyre can then be repaired at the depot instead of en route.”

When an incident occurs and the system takes effect, the driver is alerted in real time to the state of the tyre pressure as it gets inflated by the system.

“Stoppages en route as a result of tyre failures can reduce the effectiveness and profitability of a company,” Harrison says.

“The Vigia system therefore assists in terms of on-time delivery, which in turn increases a company’s efficiency and profit margins.”

The OnBoard wireless weighing system and the Vigia tyre-pressure system are examples of only some of the gadgets Loadtech has to offer. The company has an extensive range of products from Vishay Transducers, Datum and Nobel and uses its more than 30 years of experience to
produce specialised and custom-made weighing solutions.

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