Maxiprest scores a hat trick


With three successive FOCUS on Excellence Awards under its belt, Maxiprest is proving its dedication to its customers – and receiving their approval in return.

Acclaimed for its comprehensive tyre solutions package, Maxiprest has bagged the award for Best Tyre Services three years in a row, in 2007, 2008 and now again in 2009.

“Our biggest thanks needs to go to our fitters and employees, without whose commitment we would not be accepting this award,” says Shaun Wustmann, vice president of administration at Maxiprest.

“Maxiprest’s strength and superior service delivery lie in the hands of our team, from our on-site employees to those in the field who make sure trucks get back on the road as quickly as possible,” he continues.

Maxiprest’s award is particularly significant in a world in which containment of fleet-operating costs is paramount to survival. Fleet owners and operators need confidence in their suppliers, which is something the company both understands and appreciates.

“We generate confidence through offering our customers solutions that deliver the best possible value and service,” says Tony Burns, Maxiprest’s general manager: marketing. “A correct tyre management system can offer operators considerable savings in the long run, from improved fuel consumption, to decreased tyre wear, to minimal downtime, should anything go wrong on the road. We are dedicated to reaching our clients swiftly and solving any tyre-related problems quickly. Up-time is everything in this business.

“We are also continually expanding our menu of offerings,” he adds. A recent addition to Maxiprest’s menu is a comprehensive tyre-solutions package designed to strengthen Maxiprest’s commitment to its customers even further.

“All in all, we want our customers to rely on us to deliver superior quality and service with the reassurance of maximum value,” explains Burns. “In short, it is perhaps no more than customers should expect from the ‘tyre management solutions’ experts,” he adds.

Maxiprest also recently announced its “Casing Confidence Pledge”, which gives customers the reassurance that every Bridgestone and Firestone truck and bus tyre has a casing that is good for at least two retreads.

The only condition with which customers must comply is that they have their Bridgestone and Firestone truck and bus tyres repaired and recapped by Maxiprest.

Bridgestone, Maxiprest’s holding company and a fellow FOCUS on Excellence Award winner for Best Tyre, has also thanked Maxiprest for the support it offers the Bridgestone and Firestone brands.

“Maxiprest’s back-up service is excellent,” stated Julio Fava, general manager of producer sales at Bridgestone SA, upon acceptance of the award. “We rely on that kind of back-up to sell our products and support our customers. We might provide the tyres, but Maxiprest keeps our clients on the road.”

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