Meet the fab new Fuso

Meet the fab new Fuso

The new Fuso offers features such as Euro 2 engines, improved driver comfort and even better fuel economy.

The Fuso division of Mercedes-Benz South Africa, headed by Ian Riley, has launched the new range of Fuso heavy and extra-heavy trucks, following the release of the Euro 2 Fuso Canters in February this year.

Aside from now offering Euro 2 compliant engines, the new range is also equipped with improved modern cabs that offer elevated driver comfort and ergonomics.

The heavy commercial vehicle range employs engines rated at 177 kW (240 hp) and 199 kW (270 hp), depending on model derivative. These are based on highly successful engines that have been used in Australia and New Zealand for the past five years. Not only are the new common-rail turbocharged intercooled engines quieter and cleaner burning than the previous mechanically fuel-injected range, but when run on the same road with the same payload at the same speed, improvements in fuel economy of between 3% and 5% can be expected on some models.

No fuss for FusoAccording to Duncan Price, product manager for Fuso trucks, another exciting development in the new model range is that for the first time Fuso in South Africa will be offering the FK10-240, a 10 400 kg GVM double-cab model with seating for six passengers plus driver. With 177 kW (240 hp) on tap, it is anticipated that this model will prove popular with rollback operators who will be able to carry a broken-down passenger car on the back of the truck, with the car’s passengers safely in the Fuso FK’s cab, which is equipped with seatbelts.

Furthermore, the new range offers longer wheelbases as standard, making it much easier for operators to ensure correct weight distribution and avoid overloading fines when employing industry standard 6.4 and 7.2 m truck bodies in the six to eight ton payload class.

In addition, the Fuso FP/FV range of extra-heavy commercials has undergone an upgrade in the engine department, and is now offered with 257 kW (350 hp) and 309 kW (420 hp) engines replacing the previous 228 kW (310 hp) and 250 kW (340 hp) Euro 1 versions. Air-conditioning is now standard fitment on these models.

The Fuso range of medium, heavy and extra-heavy trucks is sold and supported at 30 Fuso outlets nationwide.

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