MiX wants you to report dodgy driving

MiX wants you to report dodgy driving

Fleet and mobile asset management solutions provider, MiX Telematics, has launched an in-house driver-monitoring service called MiX ReportMyDriving. The service is focused on promoting road safety and reducing road accidents by improving driver behaviour and identifying those drivers who are a risk to other road users.

“While telematics cannot always immediately notify the fleet manager when the driver breaks the rules of the road, MiX ReportMyDriving helps identify high-risk drivers who require additional training and/or counselling, while recognition can be given to good drivers,” says Gert Pretorius, MD at MiX Telematics (Africa).

“Driver and fleet profiling enables fleet managers to mitigate on-road risk and reduce costs relating to accidents, insurance and fleet maintenance. This is a great extension of our successful business model and further demonstrates our commitment to road safety,” he adds.

According to MiX Telematics, studies indicate a 52-percent reduction in accident-related costs through driver monitoring, and 20-percent fewer accidents in vehicles displaying the safety hotline sticker service.

The MiX ReportMyDriving programme includes the simple, yet effective, placement of safety hotline stickers on vehicles, the 24-hour MiX Journey Management Centre that operates the hotline, and the incident investigation process that follows. Once an incident is reported, the driver’s manager is notified and receives a system-generated report.

If the client also has a MiX Fleet Manager solution in place, additional vehicle and driver data will be used to investigate the driving incident. If a MiX Vision in-cab video solution is in place, the video and audio footage at the time of the reported incident will provide additional information to analyse the event in detail.

“Perhaps the most significant benefit for participating fleet operators is that they demonstrate that they care about the safety of all road users, while managing their reputation and risk effectively,” concludes Pretorius.

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