New Crafter stuns

New Crafter stuns

The New Volkswagen Crafter has been revealed! With a maximum payload of 5,5 metric tonnes, a maximum cargo volume of 18,4 m³, a maximum cargo space height of 2 196 mm and a variety of drive types and derivatives, the new Crafter has been designed to offer highly functional solutions for everyday use in all sectors.

The new Crafter features a chassis that has been redeveloped from the ground up with electromechanical steering, engines that are 15 percent more fuel-efficient and optimised for both long trips and urban traffic, well thought-out solutions for loading, practical preparations for superstructure manufacturers, an ergonomic driver’s workplace and an exceptional number of driver assistance systems.

Eckhard Scholz, chairman of the Board of Management of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, explains: “The development of the new Crafter was a unique opportunity to avoid all compromises while drawing upon our decades of experience in the market segment. The new Crafter represents a fusion of product focus and customer focus. In other words, we developed this vehicle from the customer’s perspective.”

New Crafter stunsSeveral derivatives are offered including high tonnage versions. As a panel van and Kombi, the new Crafter is available in various lengths (5 986 mm, 6 836 mm, or for the panel van, 7 391 mm) and heights (2 355 mm, 2 590 mm, or for the panel van, 2 798 mm).

Volkswagen claims that the Crafter has the best package dimensions of its vehicle class. It also includes a load-securing solution, featuring anchor tracks in the form of patented airline profiles integrated on the sidewalls, the partition wall, in the roof and in the floor.

There are also single or double-cab versions of the pickup, which can include a van body, or a tip mechanism, for example.

Driver health has been a non-negotiable concern. It is possible to order three different variants of an optional ergonomic suspension seat with an AGR (Campaign for Healthy Backs) seal, which has adjustable lumbar supports and massage function, for example. More than ten electronic driver-assistance systems are available.
The new Crafter hits European showrooms in November 2016, and will come to South Africa during 2018.

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