Parprol, the new name in oil

Parprol, the new name in oil

Engen Petroleum is the new proud supplier of a range of virgin process oils under the Parprol name. 

Herman van der Westhuizen, national sales manager of industrial lubricants at Engen, says these new-generation process oils utilise Group I base oils and are of a high quality.

“Engen recognises that the quality of process oils is fundamental to the outcome of a customer’s final product, which is why it strives to supply highly consistent quality process oils,” says Van der Westhuizen.

He adds: “Our process oils are available in a variety of convenient packs including true bulk, 210-litre drums and mini-bulk. Engen is also able to assist with dispensing solutions to aid in inventory management, contamination control and disposal.”

“Our extensive footprint ensures that process oil is readily available to our customers when and where they need it, across the Engen supply network,” says John Kennedy, lubricants business manager at Engen.

These special process oils can be used in various industries as raw materials or as a processing aid.

Industries that enjoy the benefits of Engen’s Parprol process oils include manufacturers of adhesives, cable compounds, ink oil, plasticisers, rope dressings, rubber, leather softener, textile batching oil, pesticides, furniture polish and wood preservers.

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