Pleasing a tough crowd

Pleasing a tough crowd

The Chinese-manufactured DFSK light commercial vehicles, which are already available in South Africa, have been cleared to be distributed in Spain and Germany after passing quality controls for those countries.

Some of the products have been tested for the European market at the Indimo Automotive plant, in Schwallungen. Indimo is the official DFSK importer for Germany. The vehicles will be distributed in Spain by DFSK Iberia.

Four DFSK models, identical to those now available in Germany, were launched through Geely dealerships in South Africa last year – single and double cab bakkies, a panel van and a minibus.

The entry price of R74 990 remains unchanged, even in the light of recent exchange rate fluctuations. “These gutsy vehicles have been very popular since their local launch in 2012 thanks to them being distributed through the established national Geely dealer network,” says Gareth Azzie, general manager of Geely South Africa.

DFSK light commercial vehicles are also serviced and maintained at Geely dealerships across the country. “We have some independent DFSK dealers, but most are linked to Geely dealerships that also provide maintenance, service and replacement parts and components for the complete range,” concludes Azzie.

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