Plug in the Berlingo and go!

Plug in the Berlingo and go!

Citroën will show off its Berlingo Electrique at this year’s Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, England, this April. The first generation Berlingo Electric, launched in 1998, paved the way for Citroën’s unrivalled experience with electric vans in the United Kingdom.

“With the launch of the new Berlingo Electrique, Citroën is able to offer businesses the widest range of innovative environmental transport solutions,” says Scott Michael, head of Citroën’s Commercial Vehicles & Business Centre Programme.

He adds: “When it goes on sale in the United Kingdom in the second half of the year, Citroën will offer a unique choice of no less than five light commercial vehicle driveline and fuel choices including petrol, dual fuel, HDi diesel, e-HDi micro-hybrid and full electric.”

The Berlingo has been equipped with the latest electric vehicle technology including eco-driving information, an energy consumption/regeneration indicator with an instantaneous energy-consumption gauge and an auxiliaries-consumption gauge which displays data on heating, air-conditioning and other secondary power usage.

The electric motor is positioned under the bonnet and the lithium-ion battery pack is located underneath the vehicle’s load deck. This means a load compartment of up to 3,7 m and a payload capacity of 636 kg – equivalent to that of a similar diesel-powered Berlingo van.   

The permanent magnet synchronous electric motor produces 49 kW and has a peak torque rating of 200 Nm. The motor drives the front wheels through a speed reducer and a single-ratio gearbox.  

When using a domestic socket, the vehicle can be fully charged in around eight and a half hours, alternatively it can be charged to 80 percent of capacity in only 35 minutes using a specific 380V three-phase terminal in quick-charge mode. With a total battery capacity of 22,5 kW, the vehicle has a range of up to 170 km.

Michael reveals that visitors to the show will also be able to liaise with Citroën Contact Motoring personnel who will provide instant contract hire and other business-friendly finance quotations. The Berlingo’s full United Kingdom specification and pricing will be announced closer to the show.

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