Power plus economy makes for a long distance winner

Power plus economy makes for a long distance winner

Arguably the leader in its class in terms of fuel consumption, the Renault Premium Lander boasts high levels of power, safety and driver comfort – and comes with a standard manufacturer’s warranty of 48 months or 800 000 km on the complete vehicle in tractor head configuration.

Seen by many as the long distance benchmark, the Premium Lander is equally at home on the road or in rugged terrain. It’s particularly suitable for the transport of concrete, building materials and bulk foodstuffs, and fits in well for road repair works and industrial waste removal. The Premium Lander is easily adapted to all types of bodies, even the most specialised: its pre-drilling, fastening kit, brackets and plates are all designed to help body builders work easily, quickly and efficiently.

If anything makes this Renault stand out, it’s the Premium Lander’s driveline. Designed to deliver the best journey speed and lowest fuel consumption, the Euro 3 engines offer power/torque ratios adapted to every kind of application. The DXi11 330 kW (440 hp) engine reaches maximum torque at 1 000 r/min – the best performance on the market. It also features the broadest maximum torque operating range in its category.

With its Optifuel Solutions packages, Renault Trucks is able to provide a range of efficient technologies and services designed to reduce fuel consumption. These include optimised powertrains, the Optidriver+ robotised gearbox, Optifuel Training economic driving instruction, and Optifuel Infomax.

The robotised gearbox guides the Premium Lander to providing optimal conditions of comfort while allowing the user to monitor and control fuel consumption over all types of trips. The gearbox automatically selects the most appropriate gear according to engine speed, and prevents gear changing errors while eliminating any risk of over or under revving the engine. Inhibition of power mode further simplifies the use of the gearbox and allows passage to the next gear to the top of the green area – leading to a further improvement in consumption.

The Premium Lander pushes performance limits even further with its single or double reduction axles and drive axles, as well as a double reduction tandem. Fitted with air suspension, the vehicle now offers additional payload. The latest generation also offers a range of braking systems for differing applications (disc brake, exhaust brake, or optional engine brake and/or hydraulic retarder), which deliver braking power of up to 900 kW.

Comfort and safety are as necessary in urban traffic as they are over long distances. The spacious cabs feature new, more welcoming interior colour schemes, and are available in three lengths (day cab, global cab and sleeper cab) as well as three roof heights (flat, normal and raised).

To help the driver access the cab more easily and in greater comfort, the Premium Lander features an access concept that includes 90 degree opening doors, anti-slip steps in line with the door, grab-handles on both sides, rapid lowering seat and programmed release steering wheel.

The wide windshield and low-cut side windows, together with the functional dashboard and accessible storage space, offers high levels of comfort and great ease of movement for driver and passenger, while the latest generation EBS, Optibrake and VOITH hydraulic retarder (fitted as standard) combine with the service brake to provide maximum safety.

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