Rally to Read makes for some happy feet

Rally to Read makes for some happy feet

More than 200 pairs of shoes, some much needed books and R1 000 for school lunches – this made for some happy children and teachers at Lower Didimana and Hukuwa School (located in the greater Whittlesea area – 37 km south of Queenstown in the Eastern Cape) as Bridgestone lent a helping hand through a Rally to Read outreach event.

“Rally to Read reached over 1 300 teachers and over 40 000 pupils during 2013,” says Bridgestone PR manager, Desirée van Niekerk. “We’re very proud to have been part of the 2014 Rally to Read season.”

This wonderful project was started in 1998 and aims to boost literacy, especially in rural areas. Here children often suffer from malnutrition, which can affect their concentration and learning ability – so school meals are vital. Clothing and shoes are also often in short supply and many learners have to walk long distances, barefoot, to get to school.

“Teachers in rural areas face unique challenges and Rally to Read empowers them to do their jobs more effectively,” comments Van Niekerk. “We’re grateful to have been there, and we hope our small contribution will make a positive difference to education in South Africa.”

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