SBV secures a new fleet

From left: Malcolm Glennie, head of fleet management at SBV; Ernie Trautmann, vice president Hino South Africa; Mark Barrett, managing director SBV; Julian Visagie, dealer principal at Hino West Rand; Fanie Pretorius, head of logistics SBV.

SBV, a leading cash solutions and services company in South Africa, recently took delivery of its 207th Hino 815-based unit.

The company’s strategy is to remain focused on developing a fleet of specialised vehicles that are reliable, convenient to operate and technologically advanced. In line with this, SBV’s latest, third-generation cash-in-transit vehicles have been delivered by Hino West Rand over the past year.

Built by Ballistic Armour Technology, they are rated among the best in the world by Armscor and the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

“A great deal of time, effort and money is expended in improving our service levels, and, to this end, we must have dependable vehicles,” explains Fanie Pretorius, executive head of logistics.

“The majority of our vehicles are Toyota or Hino and we find significant benefits in standardisation, particularly as much of the armour can be recycled from one vehicle to another when the time comes for replacement.”

The latest units, which are based on the Hino 300-Series 815 truck chassis/cab, have been specified with fully automatic transmissions. These are proving efficient and easy to drive and are reducing maintenance costs, as there is no longer a clutch to be replaced. They are also proving to be fuel efficient in extensive stop-start driving.

“Hino and Toyota have long supplied security companies with cash-in-transit and other types of armoured vehicles. Together with our specialist dealers, we have built strong partnerships with our customers and the bodybuilders to provide fit-for-purpose vehicles. The quality, durability and reliability of these vehicles has also been proved over the years,” concludes Ernie Trautmann, vice president of Hino South Africa.

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