Serco displays specialised custom building skills

Serco displays specialised custom building skills

Two fully equipped trailers, for use in Mpumalanga as mobile testing centres for learner driving licence tests, have been custom built by Serco. The 12,5m-long trailers were built for PCubed, and feature a main examination section comprising an examiner’s desk and 15 workstations where applicants sit their tests. The back section houses a registration desk, the generator and a server room.

Each workstation has an electronic interface to the server and is linked via a mobile communications system to the PCubed Support Centre, which provides touch screens with fingerprint ID verification.

The workstations are monitored by cameras and the examiner manages and monitors the entire test through a dedicated examiner workstation.

Key features developed for PCubed include: a semi-insulated generator chamber with ventilation, a customised wind deflector and air-conditioning condenser protection, LED lighting and chassis and body construction to accommodate sophisticated electrical equipment and ducting.

Serco displays specialised custom building skills The 12KVA generator sits in a customised compartment, while the 24000BTU air-conditioning unit cools the entire interior through Serco-designed ducting. Solar panels and UPS back-up power support critical apparatus in the event of a power failure.

Ismail Amod, MD of PCubed, says that Serco has built four trailers for the company since it started doing business with them in 2008.

“The most recent build has surpassed our expectations and is truly world class. Serco’s new trailer facility and panel fabrication techniques have enhanced all aspects of the vehicle quality, making it possible for them to meet very demanding delivery deadlines,” Amod comments.

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