Seven new 700s

Seven new 700s

Aimed squarely at the construction segment, Hino has unveiled its new 700 8×4 to the South African market – and with it some other important models.

The 2013 Johannesburg International Motor Show (JIMS) was one of great importance for Hino, which took the opportunity to introduce several new models and enhancements to its 300-, 500- and 700-series ranges.

For example, a new bus was launched based on the 300-series and, in the 500-series, a new Euro-4 rated 6×2 freight carrier was displayed (you can read all about these new models, and other news from the company, in our comprehensive report back, starting on page 22).

But it was the range-topping 700-series of extra-heavy commercial vehicles (EHCVs) that really stole the show – and, in particular, the new 8×4 model shown in 3541 guise. This vehicle allows Hino to provide an alternative option to the construction segment. It has been designed to be well suited to various applications within the segment; whether as a tipper, mixer or heavy-duty freight carrier.

“The 8×4 falls in a relatively small, but nevertheless significant, niche which accounted for 2,3 percent of the EHCV market last year,” says Casper Kruger, vice-president of Hino South Africa. “Hino now has an opportunity to offer a complete range of vehicles in the extra-heavy segment of the market.”

Importantly, the new 700 8×4 is fitted with a Euro-4 engine. As Kruger was proud to announce, all engines in the 700 range will now be Euro-4 rated, thus making the vehicle more economical to operate. The combustion chambers in the new engines allow for more efficient combustion of fuel and, with the addition of the exhaust gas recirculation system, results in a reduction of nitrogen oxide gases and lower exhaust emissions. Naturally, the fitment of Euro-4 engines means the mandatory use of 50 parts per million diesel – the distribution of which the company is pushing for on all major routes in the country.

Yet the 8×4 is just one of seven new 700 models added to the previous range of six. Also aimed at the construction sector, the engine in the Hino 700 2841 tipper has been optimised to fit its applications more appropriately; the 410 hp (306 kW) engine is now rated at 380 hp (283 kW).

Also shown to the public visiting the Hino stand at the Johannesburg Expo Centre was the brand’s flagship 2848 6×4 truck tractor. This double-sleeper, medium- to long-haul vehicle has a gross combination mass (GCM) of 65 tonnes; runs a 16-speed ZF Astronic Automated Manual Transmission (AMT) as standard and offers a choice of air or steel suspension.

Yet another significant addition to the range is the 2841 6×4 freight carrier – a rigid truck with a GCM of 56 tonnes and which is ideal for those in the segment who require added capacity. It too features the 16-speed AMT.

Other new models enhancing the 700 range include a single-sleeper cab 2038 4×2 truck tractor with steel suspension; a double-sleeper on the 2841 6×4; and the 2845 now including the option of an air suspension setup.

The current 700-series’s three-year/unlimited kilometre comprehensive warranty is carried over to the new models, and is still applicable to all other models in the range. The revitalised 700 model range will be made available to the market early in 2014.

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