Starbus is a star bus

Developed by TATA Motors and Marcopolo, the 65-seater TATA Starbus LPO 1823 Commuter ensures greater load capacities, low running costs and overall value for money.

Two giants of the global bus industry have joined forces to create a smarter choice for commuter transportation.


Here’s some interesting trivia: TATA Motors Ltd is the world’s second largest bus manufacturing company, Marcopolo is the world leader in body building for buses and coaches, and their joint venture – Tata Motors Marcopolo Ltd (TMML) – is the company that brings you the Starbus range.

Together, these two industry giants have developed a world-class bus with features tailor-made for the South African market. This is the all new 65-seater TATA Starbus LPO 1823 Commuter. Also available in South Africa from this collaboration is the 28-seater TATA Starbus LP 713 Commuter.

The new Starbus is powered by a TATA Cummins engine, promising unmatched reliability, optimum performance and best in class fuel economy. This Euro-II 5,9-litre turbocharged and intercooled inline 6-cylinder engine produces a maximum power rating of 173 kW (235 hp) at 2 500 r/min. Of more importance, though, is the peak torque of 800 Nm at 1 500 r/min, with a flat torque curve that allows better performance with fewer gearshifts resulting in good economy and a smoother ride. Gradability is 33 percent.

Starbus is a star busThe transmission-mounted Hydrodynamic Voith Retarder has been fitted, giving superior braking performance, enhancing brake and tyre life and, above all, providing safety for passengers. In addition to this, ABS braking is offered for optional fitment to the full-air, dual-circuit S-CAM brake system. The vehicle is also fitted with a front anti-roll bar, fire extinguisher and roof hatches. The TATA Marcopolo body meets all compulsory standards relating to safety as set out by the SABS, including body structural strength in the case of a roll-over, seat strength, seat anchorage and emergency exit requirements.

Built on a specifically designed bus chassis, the LPO 1823 Starbus Commuter offers its passengers a comfort-oriented journey. Entering through the twin leaf pneumatic in-swing doors, one is greeted by an aesthetically-designed interior featuring a two millimetre anti-skid vinyl floor and dual tone seats. Set in a 3×2 configuration, the seats have a 750 mm pitch. There is even a modular hat rack. The rear luggage compartment is specially designed to meet the baggage space requirements during hire of such a vehicle.

With an overall Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) of 17 900 kg, and a front axle capacity of 7,5 tonnes, the LPO 1823 Starbus Commuter is all about greater load capacities and value for money. Its 350-litre fuel tank allows for long, hassle-free trips and saves on refuelling time.

Combining the TATA Cummins engine, Voith retarder and Marcopolo body, the LPO 1823 Starbus Commuter ensures low maintenance and longer life, saving on running costs and adding to profits. Now that’s an interesting piece of trivia!

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