Suit up for Solutrans

Suit up for Solutrans

Solutrans 2017 is taking place between November 21 and 25 in Lyon, France, and visitors have much to look forward to. The exhibition will feature six themes revealing major market trends:

Industry 4.0 in the factory of the future
“Industry 4.0” refers to the fourth industrial revolution – after those of mechanisation, industrialisation and automation. It lays the foundations for the “smart factory” and new methods of organising production resources.

The exhibitors at Solutrans 2017 will offer hauliers, manufacturers and clients ways of making inroads in a particularly complex field.

Connected vehicles
Vehicle manufacturers and software developers are accelerating the conversion of vehicles to the digital era. In future, vehicles will also become autonomous… Manufacturers are conducting tests with promising results. Smooth cohabitation of all road traffic is a challenge that still remains, though, and the manufacturers present at Solutrans 2017 will unveil the latest advances in these areas.

New motorisations and energy
Manufacturers of heavy-duty vehicles, which still predominantly run on diesel, have made substantial adjustments to attain the Euro-6 standard and offer an effective solution to reduce pollution levels.

Visitors can look forward to a host of other emerging energy solutions, such as hydrogen, which will be extensively represented at Solutrans 2017.

Deliveries in city centres
Last-mile delivery combines long-distance transportation with the delivery service approaching the end customer. This requires using low-noise, eco-friendly vehicles of the appropriate size, while promoting new forms of delivery (for example, the use of pick-up lockers and drones).

More than ever before, young people should be steered towards jobs in transportation and heavy-duty vehicles. A space dedicated to training and education will be set up at the show to promote jobs in this sector.

There are genuine risks of intrusion through a connected trailer or tyre, and creating secure networks and information systems is a challenge parallel to the digital revolution, which is finally being addressed. Specialists exhibiting at Solutrans 2017, will reveal the latest advances in data protection and in the optimisation of information exchange.

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