The power of green

The power of green

A new recycling initiative has been implemented at Fiat Group Automobiles South Africa and Chrysler South Africa at the joint head office in Midrand.

In an effort to become more environmentally conscious, the companies intend to lessen the impact on the environment and thereby contribute to the greater cause of protecting our planet.

Various bins, including bulk wheelie bins, have been placed at strategic points throughout the office for the collection of recyclable material. This will allow staff to recycle plastic, metal and glass in addition to batteries, ink cartridges and energy-saving light bulbs.

The new recycling programme will complement the waste-paper collection initiative already underway and the successful Go Green with Jeep initiative that has been ongoing since July 2012, with the Glass Recycling Company.

Free glass collection bags are available from all Jeep showrooms and green glass recycling banks have also been placed at the dealerships to further support and push the cause. Customers and the general public are encouraged to make use of this facility.

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