The secret to success

The secret to success

Tyre management solutions specialist, Maxiprest Tyres, has been nominated for a third consecutive Focus on Excellence Award this year. FOCUS finds out why the company is so well respected within the transport community.

There is no denying that 2009 has been a very tough year. The transport industry – like virtually every other sector of the economy – was forced to endure an unprecedented slowdown in economic activity over the last few months. Simply put, there wasn’t enough work to go around, which meant operators had to find ways of drastically reducing costs.

But, while the economic situation has undoubtedly been very difficult, it does give being nominated for a Focus on Excellence Award this year particular significance.

“It is very important that companies assist and support clients when times are tough. They have to be able to offer clients solutions that enable them to operate as efficiently as possible and ultimately turn a profit,” states Tony Burns, general marketing manager for Maxiprest. “During a recession, companies really are forced to focus on customer service. Although service and support is always important, they become especially significant in a harsh economic climate.”

And according to Burns, it is exactly this emphasis on supporting customers’ operations in a meaningful way that has resulted in Maxiprest receiving a third consecutive Focus on Excellence Award nomination.

“Even though we are very honoured by the fact that we were selected for a Focus on Excellence Award both in 2007 and 2008, we are particularly proud of this year’s nomination. We feel that receiving this nomination under current economic conditions is a testament to the level of service and support that we offer, as well as the relationships that we have established with clients.”

Indeed, Maxiprest’s focus has always been on creating long-term relationships with clients based on quality service and support, rather than simply selling products to customers.

“We are a service-driven company that prides itself on the comprehensive solutions packages that we offer to the commercial vehicle industry. Maxiprest provides a support programme that can really benefit a customer’s operations in the long run. Our tyre solutions packages can significantly reduce an operator’s fleet running costs,” asserts Burns.

Because customer satisfaction is so important to the company, Maxiprest recently also initiated an internal customer satisfaction survey, which measures clients’ views on subjects such as the company’s general product quality, technical support and after-sales support.

“It is important to monitor customers’ levels of satisfaction with the products and services that you offer. By doing this you can improve the service that you offer and better meet their needs,” says Burns.

It is clear that Maxiprest views its success as a direct result of the importance placed on keeping customers happy. According to Burns, Maxiprest sees its customers as the most important part of the business.

“In short, without customers, you don’t have a business. And because of this, their needs should always be foremost in your mind. You have to understand your customers’ needs and help them to streamline their business operations,” concludes Burns.

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