The time has come!

The time has come!

Truck Test 2015 will most likely already be on the road by the time you read this. CLAIRE RENCKEN gets some final comments from some of the entrants and sponsors in the last few weeks leading up to the event.

Sid Beeton, divisional transport manager at One Insurance, certainly feels that Truck Test is a worthwhile event: “Providing feedback on the performance of trucks in actual work scenarios will be invaluable product information for the industry. Our company focuses on insurance for the transport industry, as well as on a ‘transport solution’ approach. We partner Phoenix Risk Solutions by providing a package of insurance covers for the cement products industry.

“Because of the product being transported by the participants in the Truck Test, it made sense to obtain exposure with our broker partners by providing free insurance coverage for the loads being carried. Apart from the load insurance sponsorship, we will also attend the awards ceremony for increased exposure and involvement.”

One Insurance started out as absolute underwriting managers, with a sole focus on the heavy commercial vehicle (HCV) sector. “We have developed into a composite insurance office, but we retain our special focus on this segment, and, at 40 percent of our total income, it remains very important to us,” explains Beeton.

“The correct truck for the job is an important aspect of the risk profile for a transporter. I am sure that the feedback from this event will assist the transporters to buy the vehicles best suited to their operations,” he says.

Sydney Bruckner, project manager: emission fluids, at Engen, is enthusiastic about Air1, Engen’s brand name for AdBlue, being featured in Truck Test. “With more stringent emissions and fuel economy regulations driving original equipment manufacturer (OEM) requirements and industry specifications, the transport sector has been identified as a key sector that can contribute to reducing harmful emissions,” he explains.

Truck test 2015 will see revised Mercedes-Benz Actros and DAF XF models returning.“The Truck Test 2015 programme brings some structure to our communication strategies as we build the Air1 brand in the transport sector. The extra-heavy commercial vehicle (EHCV) segment is vital to creating a foothold for this product in the market. You can read all about Air1 on page 12.

“The annual truck test is a great way to showcase important new developments, and gives different stakeholders a chance to meet and discuss the industry,” says John Harrison, MD of Loadtech. “We are fitting tyre inflation systems and on-board weighing systems to the trucks taking part. The EHCV market is obviously very important to us.”

Dirk Meyer, brand leader: Freightliner Trucks South Africa, is excited because this is the first Truck Test event in which Freightliner will participate. “Other Daimler truck brands have entered into past events, however, and performed very well.” He adds that Daimler Trucks takes each and every opportunity to demonstrate why it is one of the world’s leading truck manufacturers.

“To do this, we participate in events such as these,” Meyer points out. “This is where commercial vehicles, such as our Freightliner Argosy Cummins 500, are tested under genuine road conditions that they have to endure on a regular basis.”

Christophe Longuet, Iveco’s marketing manager, shares what Iveco is hoping to get out of Truck Test 2015: “We hope to establish the Iveco ‘Born in South Africa’ campaign, which highlights the local manufacture of specific Iveco products, as well as the company’s commitment to the local market.

Unfortunately International is no longer a player.“Our ‘Born in South Africa’ logo depicts a ‘stamp of authenticity’, certifying the quality of the Iveco commercial vehicles assembled at the new facility in Rosslyn, Pretoria – by a local workforce. This ‘stamp’ encircles the soaring five colours of the South African flag: black, yellow, green, red and blue – evoking the concept of unity. The commercial vehicles bearing this logo will be tailored for the African continent with its varied terrain and challenging driving conditions that demand specific vehicle requirements,” explains Longuet.

Mercedes-Benz Trucks has featured in two of the three previous instalments in the Truck Test series, only skipping last year’s event because it focused on a segment in which the company does not compete. With the running of 6×4 truck tractors this year, however, the company will be entering one of its newest additions to the Actros range – the Actros 2646LS/33.

The company had originally planned to enter the Actros 2644LS/33 model. However, Christo Kleynhans, product manager at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, explains: “By the time the test is underway, the Actros 2646LS/33 will be on the market. It’s pretty similar to the 2644LS/33, just with a slightly different driveline.”

Kleynhans says it’s the vehicle he would recommend for pulling a tri-axle semi-trailer over a long distance. That’s the exact reason the company has chosen to enter this combination, running a GRW tri-axle reefer.

As always, this year’s Truck Test event promises great things. We look forward to bringing you the results in our next issue. Watch this space!

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