Thermo King launches hybrid refrigerated trailer unit

Thermo King launches hybrid refrigerated trailer unit

Thermo King launched the SLXi Hybrid refrigerated trailer unit at Solutrans. The new SLXi Hybrid was designed for semi-trailer applications. It improves customers’ environmental footprints with low-emissions and low noise levels – and GEA is bringing it to South Africa in March 2018!

Speaking at the exhibition, Michel Poinsignon, product manager trailer refrigeration units, Thermo King Europe, Middle East and Africa, said that the SLXi Hybrid answers customers’ demands for solutions that will give them easier access to restricted, low-emission urban areas while at the same time lowering their environmental footprint and operating costs.

The Thermo King SLXi Hybrid uses a Frigoblock EnviroDrive package. This package includes a generator installed on the tractor engine and an inverter-drive system to provide constant electric power and operate in electric mode when connected to a three-phase power supply at the loading dock and while driving on the road.

Thermo King launches hybrid refrigerated trailer unitThe technology allows for all deliveries to be performed with the refrigeration unit’s diesel engine turned off for minimum impact on the environment of cities and stores. This offers a unique flexibility to transport companies, as the diesel engine can be restarted whenever needed and allows the unit to keep its full autonomy at all times.

For even more operational flexibility, the new hybrid technology from Thermo King and Frigoblock can be applied to a SLXi trailer fleet already in operation. One tractor can pull different trailers operating in hybrid mode and customers can easily upgrade their existing fleet with the hybrid mode capability at a Thermo King authorised dealer or and service centre.

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