Tips for truckers

Tips for truckers

The commercial vehicle industry is definitely doing its part for a greener tomorrow, with road transport operators and truck manufacturers doing what they can to make transport more efficient, cleaner and more environmentally friendly. But there is always room for improvement … DAF offers five easy-to-implement tips for truck drivers:

1. Pay attention to your driving style

Quick acceleration uses more fuel, unnecessarily, and rarely saves time. Don’t drive erratically, use cruise control whenever possible and keep your distance from the vehicle in front.

Look way ahead and take your foot off the accelerator well in advance of braking, for example, at a traffic light or an off-ramp.

Use the momentum of the vehicle. Anticipating traffic situations not only saves fuel, but it steadies the traffic, causes less stress for you and saves brake and tyre wear.

2. Green is good

Drive in the green zone of the rev counter, even when accelerating and driving up gradients. And when the engine is not being taxed very hard, and the accelerator is being used only lightly, stay at the bottom of the green zone.

Always drive in the highest possible gear. If you drive with an AS-Tronic, don’t keep revving up. On level roads, ease off the accelerator to let the gearbox change earlier or change gears manually. And use the kick-down only when it’s absolutely necessary.

3. Prevent waste

Don’t accelerate unnecessarily and don’t leave the engine idling excessively, as an hour of this type of driving can waste 1,4 litres of diesel.

Turn off the air-conditioning whenever possible. This will save hundreds of litres of fuel per annum.

4. Think about your speed

Most speed regulators are set at 89 km/h. But that doesn’t mean you always have to drive 89 km/h. You’ll lower your fuel consumption by six percent if you go down to a maximum of 85 km/h – that’s about 1 500 litres or more per annum! And this doesn’t only mean lower costs, but lower CO2 emissions as well.

5. Keep your truck in tip-top shape

Ensure that your spoilers are adjusted for the lowest possible air resistance. This will save hundreds of litres of fuel per annum. You will find the optimal setting in the instruction book.

Pay attention to your tyres. If the pressure is 20 percent too low all-round it increases fuel consumption by five percent. Check the tyre pressures at least once per month. And naturally keep the truck or combination in top condition by timely and qualified maintenance.

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