To the moon and back, twice

To the moon and back, twice

Both Iveco and its customers are proving that the Daily light and medium product range is built to handle all that Africa can throw at it – and then some!

Twenty-five times around the world or twice to the moon and back: That is the distance 13 individual Iveco South Africa customers have driven in their 30 Daily light and medium vehicles in the last three years.

Yip, these vehicles have each reached the magical 1 000 000 km mark, travelling day in and day out across the precarious terrain of the African continent. These recorded numbers confirm the reliability and robustness of the Iveco light vehicle product range.

“To these customers, the Daily has not only demonstrated itself to be a strong, safe and reliable vehicle, but, above all, resilient enough to have a seven-digit odometer installed,” says Christophe Longuet, network and marketing manager at Iveco South Africa.

The vehicle’s chassis provides structural rigidity through the use of metal struts. This also makes it more durable and resistant to wear and tear – especially on difficult terrain, such as that found in Africa. Independent front suspension and rigid rear axles provide the vehicle with an excellent ability to absorb the roughness of these roads, while ensuring road holding and handling stability – all aided by linearity and precision in steering response.

To the moon and back, twiceIn fact, not only have Iveco’s customers proved these qualities, but the company itself set out to show what its vehicles are made of, with the challenging Daily4Africa road show last year. The two mechanically standard 4×4 versions travelled through six countries in southern Africa: South Africa, Swaziland, Mozambique, Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia, stopping at the major dealerships throughout the area.

In addition to demonstrating the inherent qualities of the Daily, the Daily4Africa initiative aimed to promote the identity of the vehicle on the African continent, and to reinforce the importance of road safety and the practice of correct behaviour when driving; an issue which is very close to Iveco’s brand philosophy.

“The secret of the Daily’s success lies in its ability to evolve continually, confirming the values of reliability, efficiency and versatility that have always characterised its DNA,” says Longuet. “Since 1978, the Iveco Daily has been a proven success story, serving as the benchmark for light transport, both in Europe and worldwide. From the very first version, the vehicle has set new records to place itself at the head of the market, becoming a point of reference for innovation in the field of light and medium commercial vehicles,” he concludes.

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