Tracker keeps cyclists on the radar

Tracker keeps cyclists on the radar

Cyclists taking part in the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour, which takes place on March 9, can breathe easy this year knowing that Tracker Business will once again be keeping an all-seeing eye on them.

For the third year in a row, the tracking and monitoring-solutions company will be using its telematics technology and location-based services to assist with the dispatch of emergency services to where help is needed.

Bronwynn Tippett, chief marketing officer at Tracker says: “We’ve embarked on a dynamic drive across a number of national platforms to make cycling safer. The Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour is well-loved by many and we’ve really taken on the responsibility of keeping all cyclists in this race connected and safe.”

The emergency services in the Western Cape do have a tracking system, but complexities arise due to the numerous service providers. According to Tracker Business it solves this problem because its system can be used across all vehicles, allowing the control room to know the exact whereabouts of the closest vehicle to an incident.

After each race Tracker Business and Emergency Medical Services share their experiences and what they’ve learned in order to define best practice and improve efficiencies for the next race.

Dr Wayne Smith, head of Emergency Medical Services Western Cape says: “We work closely with Tracker’s technical team and they’ve provided an invaluable resource over the last couple of years. They’ve served us incredibly well during what can, at times, be extremely challenging circumstances.”

SuperSport will also benefit from the technology provided by Tracker Business as it tracks the top cyclists and celebrities taking part in the race, providing the sports channel with map interfaces for better broadcasting. Last year SuperSport found this service very useful.  

Scott Seaward, executive producer at SuperSport says: “The service provided by Tracker Business added another dimension to the on-screen information and tracking of cyclists on the route. We selected a number of celebrity cyclists to carry the Tracker Business units and we were able to display their exact whereabouts on screen, while concentrating on the pro cyclist’s race in the morning.”

According to Tracker Business its relationship with the Cape Argus Pick n Pay Cycle Tour endorses the tour’s broader safe cycling initiative – Ride Free – that focuses on providing safer cycling alternatives.

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