Truck racing, yee-ha!

Truck racing, yee-ha!

The final meeting of the 2012 Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) European Truck Racing Championship held in October saw Renault Trucks and MKR Technology become the European team champions for the second time. The team notched up its previous win in 2010.


Despite wet weather, the final race of the weekend turned into a celebration. With exactly 1 000 points, the Renault team, along with the MKR Technology team, carried off the crown together. Renault Trucks’ Adam Lacko finished third with 330 points, Markus Oestreich took fourth position with 311 points and Markus Bösiger came in sixth with 282 points. Anthony Janiec, in his Renault Premium, claimed four podium places in four races, earning a ninth place overall. The team was in high spirits after an excellent weekend of performance.

Two Renault Premium Selection Racing vehicles demonstrated the brand’s capacity for innovation in the field of used vehicles. This special edition, currently only available in France, offers customers the opportunity to give their vehicles a personalised “truck racing” look without making any compromise on cost or quality.

Renault Trucks has been a major competitor in truck racing since 2007, and is proud of its involvement. It plans to continue to engage in the sport by taking part in the 2013 season.

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