Truck Test 2012: Results from down run!

Truck Test 2012

Truck Test 2012 has been a remarkable success – the manufacturers that participated are beaming from gear to gear; those that missed the boat (or should that be truck?) are regretting their decision not to participate. All 18 extra-heavy rigs successfully made it to Durban and back again – in mint condition. Significantly, everyone returned to Johannesburg safe and sound.

Here are the provisional results for the down run. Please note: We still need to verify the trip times from the manual logsheets against the Ctrack recordings. Furthermore, the rigs were all weighed at Heidelberg on the up run to confirm the correct gross combination masses. These facts have not been integrated – yet.

Watch this space for the FINAL results of the down run!

Truck Test 2012: Results from down run




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