Truck Test 2017 goes extra heavy

Truck Test 2017 goes extra heavy

Truck Test is back in 2017 and will, once again, place extra-heavy truck tractors under the microscope. Here are the initial details…

Wednesday, March 29, 2017, will see up to 15, 6×4 truck tractors lined up at the Engen One-Stop Blockhouse on Gauteng’s R59 – ready to prove what they can do.

Following a similar format to former Truck Test events, the vehicles will be supplied with two types of trailers – either tautliner interlinks, or flat-deck semi trailers – and a set load for each.

A week before the event, a pre-test inspection will take place to ensure all vehicles are loaded correctly and comply with the National Road Traffic Act, as well as to check driver credentials.

On the day of the test, participants will head for South Africa’s busiest trucking corridor, the N3, and begin their journey towards Durban.

Unlike previous tests, the vehicles will not go all the way to the coast this time, instead they will descend Van Reenen’s Pass and turn around at the Tugela Truck Inn, before making the return journey to the Engen One-Stop blockhouse on the same route.

“This route will be slightly easier than the one we ran in 2015 to Komatipoort. The topography is less demanding and fuel consumption will be more representative for the many operators that use this route,” says Martin Dammann, organiser of the test.

In all, some 640 km will be covered, which translates to approximately ten hours of driving. The results will be reflected as one single trip and the full test will be conducted with the vehicles laden.

Dammann says: “What will be different from the 6×4 test run in 2015, is that this year the loads will be exactly the same (dependant on trailer type). They will all be loaded with a set number of pallets, which takes away a certain amount of flexibility and eliminates any variability from the trailers and loads.”

Once again, prototype or alternative-fuelled vehicles are encouraged to be entered, to showcase what is possible. For any low-emission trucks rated at Euro 5 that may be entered, Engen will provide AdBlue. The consumption of this will be measured and reported on, as will fuel.

Continuing its five-year relationship with the Truck Test brand, Engen is once again a title sponsor.

Mike Stead, Engen commercial fuels manager, says: “Truck Test is an exciting event on the Engen calendar and we are always glad to be part of making each one a success. This sector is an area where we are seeing new technology making an impact on the transport business, so where we can help, from the perspective of fuels and lubricants, we are certainly keen to do that.”

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