Tyrexpo hits India and Asia

Tyre Expo India

Tyrexpo India and Tyrexpo Asia will be attracting visitors and exhibitors from all over the tyre world with their upcoming shows in 2013. For Asia, it will be the ninth edition of the exhibition, and it’s set to be the biggest ever staged at the Singapore Expo Centre. It will only be India’s second staging, but the show is set to be a global trade interchange for the booming Indian tyre market.

Tyrexpo India 2013 takes place from July 9 to 11 at the Chennai Trade Centre and aims to offer international companies direct access to the developing Indian tyre market. It will also give Indian suppliers the chance to grow their export sales and expand their contacts and networks.

The 2011 show was a first for India and got off to an excellent start, proving there is a real appetite for a dedicated and professional tyre event.

Tryexpo Asia, on the other hand, has already proved this. There have been unprecedented levels of interest, with over 6 000 square metres of floor space already sold. The 2013 show will take place from March 19 to 21, and will see many industry heavyweights exhibiting their products and services – Stamford Tyres, YHI Corporation, Elgi Rubber, Omni United and BKT to name a few.

While economic growth in Europe and the US stalls, India and Asia continue to move ahead. Asia remains a buoyant economy and many developing Asian countries are investing in aftermarket services, creating growing demand for tyres and service-related equipment.

India continues to move ahead with massive investment plans in new tyre production facilities by domestic and international giants such as Apollo, JK Tyre, Govind Rubber, Michelin and Continental. Growth is being fuelled by a rapidly growing personal ownership of cars for a new generation of affluent citizens and developing national roads network.

Both shows will cover all aspects of the international tyre and workshop equipment sector. New tyres for all markets and applications, as well as retreads, garage machinery, tools, accessories and associated services will be presented.


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