UD Trucks has your back

UD Trucks has your back

In the highly competitive southern African truck market, UD Trucks believes the key differentiator is the level of service provided to customers, no matter the size of their fleet.

“To us, it is about adding tangible value to our customers’ businesses,” says Rory Schulz, acting managing director of UD Trucks Southern Africa. “It is about building partnerships, offering smarter transport solutions, and ultimately providing products and after-sales assistance that suits each customer’s unique business requirements.”

Built on a solid foundation of a proven range of trucks and a team of experts at every UD Trucks dealership across the region, the company continually endeavours to develop strategies, together with its customers, to ultimately benefit their businesses.

“At UD Trucks Southern Africa we believe that it is about providing customers with innovative transport solutions and service offerings, built on trust, in-depth industry knowledge and a strong technical skills set,” says Schulz.

He adds that during the company’s history of more than five decades in South Africa, through the professionalism, passion and dependability of the people who have been part of the UD Trucks family, the brand has reached multiple milestones and successes over the years.

“As a manufacturer, UD Trucks is extremely privileged to have a dealer network that doesn’t merely retail our trucks, but rather is a network of extremely knowledgeable and experienced transport experts, who are also our business partners in every sense,” explains Schulz.

The 65 accredited dealers in UD Trucks Southern Africa’s network have to adhere to stringent quality standards, and are continuously measured across all disciplines, from parts to sales, service and admin, in order to bring customers only the best service and after-sales support.  

“Together with our dealer network, we are committed to reducing downtime on customers’ vehicles through various strategies – which include a high level of parts availability and offering support during breakdowns – when our customers need it most,” Schulz says.

“In addition, in order to provide customers with a level of service that adheres to stringent world standards, staff in our dealer network are constantly trained and empowered to stay abreast of the latest developments within the industry. The training enables staff to assist customers in finding the right solution, in the shortest amount of time,” he adds.

Furthermore, UD Trucks offers specialised transport consultancy services at all its dealerships to assist customers to select the correct vehicle for the job at hand. “The selection of the correct vehicle allows customers to run their operations efficiently and also forms the cornerstone of a planned and dependable service and maintenance schedule,” Schultz explains.

“The company’s transport consultants are able to determine vehicle loading and mass distribution, predict vehicle performance, estimate operating costs, as well as provide finance options and maintenance and service cost estimates,” concludes Schulz.

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