Volvo enters Formula 1

Volvo enters Formula 1

The McLaren-Honda Formula 1 team is to receive a delivery of 24 brand-new Volvo FH trucks, after Volvo was announced as an official team supplier of trucks and haulage for the next four years.

The 13-litre, 403 kW (540 hp) Volvo FH vehicles will include standard-height, extra-low and top-of-the-range specifications.

They are all set to take on the vast logistical requirments at grand prix locations in parts of Europe – as the McLaren-Honda team competes in the 2016 FIA Formula 1 World Championships with world champions Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button.

Says Jonathan Neale, COO of McLaren Technology Group: “As well as looking for on-track efficiencies, as part of McLaren’s sustainability commitment we also look for improvements off-track, too. That’s why we’re very proud to partner with such a prestigious brand as Volvo Trucks, which is renowned for its innovative and high-performance heavy-goods transport solutions.”

The trucks are set to deliver strong performance and fuel efficiency through the latest I-See gradient technology, responsive engines that meet the Euto-6 emissions standard, comfort, as well as unique safety systems.

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