When will self-driving cars come to South Africa?

When will self-driving cars come to South Africa?

The answer to this question – and many others – is contained within a fascinating document called the Automotive Future Now Report, which will be released globally today (February 11).

We already have the full report; click here for a FREE download.

Essentially the Automotive Future Now Report, commissioned by Innovation Group South Africa, peeks into the automotive industry’s crystal ball.

It could not have come at a better time. As Glen Mollink, chief executive officer for Innovation Group South Africa, points out, the South African automotive industry is entering an era of unprecedented change, with cars as we know them about to change forever.

“Digital disruption is set to be one of the major automotive trends for the future. The rise of the connected car and the digitally savvy customer is of particular interest,” says Mollink.

“The ‘connected customer’ will change the landscape of the automotive industry moving forward, as they are demanding more interactive services and mobile apps that plug seamlessly into connected vehicles.”

Here are some tidbits of information from this 20-page report:

•    Vehicles and computers are becoming synonymous;

•    The coming generation of customers is likely to be more interested in mobility solutions, such as Uber and car sharing. They may not want to buy vehicles;

•    Apps providing driver assistance will be expected in future;

•    Customers of the future will demand instant service, so manufacturers and dealers will need to lift their game;

•    Vehicle sales will improve in 2017 (in South Africa);

•    There is a massive drive towards connectivity between vehicles and their drivers;

•    Vehicle sales in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) will grow by between 38 and 45 percent (2015 to 2020);

•    Africa is THE place to be;

•    Brand loyalty will nosedive in future;

•    The government could provide more favourable labour conditions for automotive businesses in South Africa;

•    There will be very little investment in South Africa “in the immediate future”;

•    Expect more multi-brand franchising;

•    Self-driving cars will be here in 20+ years;

•    Emerging markets will account for 60 percent of vehicle sales by 2020.

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