Winding down, but still committed

Winding down, but still committed

It’s no secret that the price of a vehicle is only half of what you need to consider when selecting a workhorse … after-sales service and availability of parts is absolutely paramount. Bearing this in mind, Navistar International Corporation has announced that its NC2 South Africa operation continues to focus on parts and service support for its International trucks in the country – despite the winding down of truck production.

In April 2013, Navistar announced it intended to restructure NC2 South Africa in order to improve profitability, strengthen its competitiveness and better serve its customers and dealers.

Restructuring has included the winding down of truck production, while the company assesses a number of potential business model options. These efforts continue and the company is still exploring options, including the possible sale of NC2 South Africa.

“We remain committed to our customers and dealers in South Africa, and we continue to focus on parts and service support for International trucks as well as all makes in the region,” says David Loakes, managing director for the South African operation. “Our parts distribution centre and technical service support will remain in full operation. We will also continue to explore other business options as we complete the winding down of truck production.”

He adds: “We recognise the impact this may have on our people, and we will treat our employees fairly and with respect as we shift toward an all-makes parts and service business.”

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