Yes, but will it drift?

Yes, but will it drift?

It would seem that at least one thing humanity can safely say about itself, is that if we manage to invent or create something that moves or travels of its own accord, it is a brief matter of time before we invent ways to make it move faster.

And, as if to make the act of speeding more official, it helps if this is done at a race of some sort.

Perhaps better known to equestrian enthusiasts, “gymkhana” is a term being used for a rapidly growing form of motorsport racing. It consists of challenging, obstacle-based races in which advanced driving skills – such as drifting – are often used to shave seconds off of the stopwatch.

Shot over a week with various GoPro and aerial drone cameras, a recent video from Dutch racing group Becx TDS Racing, involving a MAN TGS truck performing exactly such a gymkhana trial run has gone viral on the internet.

And yes, they drift it. Repeatedly.

With 1100 hp (809 kW), it is perhaps sometimes easy to forget that the TGS can, if fitted to the purpose, reach a top speed of 210 km.

The video further demonstrates not only the very impressive driving skills of the members of the Becx TDS team, but the remarkably nimble handling capabilities of a vehicle most are used to seeing towing trailers and not drifting in lazy-eights around a moving Segway.

Be warned, however, as distributing this video is sure to give a lot of truck drivers some “pointers” as to new ways to do things – such as parallel parking.

Enjoy this impressive video clip here.

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