A diamond anniversary

A diamond anniversary

Logistics provider Cargo Carriers moves forward in pursuit of innovation and excellence

Cargo Carriers – which for many years has been one of South Africa’s premium transportation, logistics and supply chain service providers – celebrates its 60-year journey this year.

From humble beginnings in 1956, Cargo Carriers still epitomises the values espoused by its charismatic and determined young founder, Des Bolton. Ambition, courage, confidence, integrity and a quest for perfection underpin the many decisions that catapulted the company from its early days with the purchase of its first truck, “Old Faithful”, in 1956, until today, six decades later, as one of the country’s top transportation companies.

Des Bolton founded Cargo Carriers in 1956. Today it is one of the country’s top transportation companies.Over the 60 years, the company has grown and expanded its footprint and service offering across a range of sectors. In 1959, the first Swaziland branch opened; driven by an entrepreneurial flair that still forms part of the company’s DNA today.

The 1960s, 70s and 80s were marked by many strategic acquisitions and ventures into new industries; providing jobs and growing the post-war South African economy. The company began providing logistics support for the mining, fuel, dry bulk powders (cement), steel, chemical, and sugar industries.

Some of these industries have further opened doors for the company to involve itself in social projects, enhancing skills of future young entrepreneurs, and thereby giving back to communities in which it operates.

The highly successful owner-driver programme marked the turnaround of many lives and has seen success built upon success. The listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in 1987 took the company to new heights; and while change was constant, its core values remained the same.

A diamond anniversaryOver the years, Cargo Carriers has contributed significantly to industry bodies, including the Public Hauliers Association, the Road Freight Association, Chemical and Allied Industries Association and the Institute of Road Transport Engineers.

Emerging as an industry leader, the company’s geographic footprint continued into unchartered growth areas and provinces; ensuring the business could find solutions to support clients’ needs in a buoyant 1980s market; while the 1990s were marked by growth into the broader southern Africa.

Innovation is synonymous with Cargo Carriers. The company’s constant service reinvention ethos has led to the development of specialist and patented trailers and intelligent telematics. Its cutting-edge outlook saw it byte into the computer age of the 1980s and 90s as it installed state-of-the-art technologies.

This is still in evidence today in the latest technology present in the company’s vehicle fleet, and in the optimisation opportunities available, which provide its clients with exceptional computerised logistics solutions and supply chain visibility.

“Old Faithful”, the company talisman purchased in 1956.The past 20 years have seen South Africa’s premium haulier transform and develop to ensure the company’s continued upward trajectory. Walking in their father’s footsteps and managing the company with the same ethos are Bolton’s sons Murray and Garth.

Strategic leadership has long been a cornerstone of the company’s success. Taking innovation and customer service to a new level, and embracing the new environment, Cargo Carriers recently launched an employee share-ownership programme – Ikamvalethu Shares Proprietary Limited, which enables employees to have a stake in the business.

“We are extremely proud of the Cargo Carriers legacy and are committed to taking the company to even greater heights, based on our founding principles and values. It’s the Cargo way,” comments Murray Bolton.

On Cargo Carriers’s 60th birthday, the company stands ready to continue traversing the high road and celebrating a company that has journeyed successfully from its inception way back in 1956. It is a proud company that is sustainable; it puts its customers and people first, and is constantly innovating to ensure it stays a road ahead.

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