APC enhances PDC

APC enhances PDC

A new 7 500 m² national parts distribution centre in Midrand, Gauteng, to be used by a large Japanese motor vehicle manufacturer, has been has been completed by APC Storage Solutions SA.

The tailored solution had to replicate the company’s strict global logistics standards and procedures for the storing and distribution of its automobile replacement parts, and had to be completed within just 26 days.

“While the new warehouse had to comply with stringent design and safety parameters, in terms of how each product type is stowed, we were still able to suggest and implement certain customised stowage procedures to tailor the solution to the unique requirements of the South African operation,” explains Fred Albrecht, MD, APC Storage Solutions SA.

The 4 200 m² large-parts area was fitted with eleven rows of nine-metre-high customised conventional pallet racking, all of which (barring one) are back to back. Each level features wooden decking designed to carry maximum loads of 600 kg.

A unique in-rack sprinkler system, in line with ASIP safety standards, was installed to protect the stock in the event of a fire.

The 750 m² small-parts area is a two-tier mezzanine system for maximum utility of available floor space. Connected via a gangway system, this section was fitted with Simplos shelving. It also houses the high-value stock in a dedicated area that is fenced off and access controlled.

A total of 25 000 specialised, variously sized cardboard storage boxes and barcodes were designed, manufactured and installed for both the large- and small-parts areas for a more effective inventory management. The entire warehouse is run by a state-of-the-art management system that identifies the correct logistics for each product item.

APC Storage Solutions SA also custom designed a separate conventional pallet-racking and shelving system to store the highly pressure-sensitive airbags, which, in the event of accidental detonation, can shoot up to 160 m and pose a significant safety hazard.

As part of the company’s after-sales service, APC Storage Solutions SA will conduct biannual site inspections of the warehouse’s racking to ensure each component offers the full performance and safety capabilities of its original equipment manufacturing specifications.

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