Castrol brings carbon-neutral oil to SA

Castrol brings carbon-neutral oil to SA

Castrol has set the bar higher for the global lubricants industry by rolling out the first-ever globally CO₂-neutral oil range.

CO₂ neutrality is achieved by using greener technology in the production of the lubricants, as well as by investing in carbon-positive projects around the world. These include: landfill gas management in Europe, reforestation in Kenya, clean electricity generation in China and wind farms in New Caledonia.

Castrol sales director for Africa, Graham Noonan, says: “Castrol has committed to a neutralisation method that is recognised by sustainability and climate change experts as a gold standard. The method also meets the challenging requirements of the global Greenhouse Gas Protocol developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

“We are excited to now be offering the world’s first certified CO₂-neutral engine oil in the local market, as it offers franchised dealerships the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint.”

Castrol Professional targeted to neutralise around 200 000 t of CO₂ globally in 2014 with Castrol experts targeting 500 000 t in 2015.

Neutralising the CO₂ footprint is currently achieved by analysing the whole product lifecycle; reducing the amount of CO₂ generated through the product’s life (including that produced during the manufacturing process), and then investing the appropriate amounts in certified CO₂-reduction projects.

This investment produces a net CO₂ reduction that is equivalent to the remaining CO₂ footprint of the product.

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