Continuously striving for improvement

Continuously striving for improvement

Iveco entered two of its key models into Truck Test, with the intention to improve on previous results

Product marketing manager, Elvis Mutseura, explains the value of the test from the manufacturer’s perspective: “Truck Test has become a key tool for fleet operators to see how the different vehicles offered on the market stack up against each other.”

Mutseura further explains that Iveco makes use of the data from the test to give it invaluable insights into the capabilities of its trucks, in a direct comparison with their rivals.

Thanks to the stringent checks and quality measures put in place to standardise the test and the loads, each manufacturer can use these statistics with the knowledge that every truck was placed in identical conditions, with no extraneous circumstances to skew the figures.

“The test allows us as manufacturers to see how our vehicles perform against each other in a closely controlled environment,” says Mutseura. “It is a very cost-effective way to pit one’s trucks against those of the competitors, thanks to the collaboration of the various sponsors.”

The 6×4 long-haul market is Iveco’s lifeblood, as Mutseura explains by likening the truck tractors to the heart that pumps South Africa’s economic blood, keeping everything working. He reiterates the industry-favourite saying: “If trucks stop, South Africa stops.”

If trucks are the heart that pumps the economic blood of South Africa, Mutseura reckons that the N3 corridor between Durban and Johannesburg is as important as the aorta in the human body. He believes it is logical to test trucks on this route and that it will provide an accurate representation of a real operation running on this vital corridor.

Continuously striving for improvementThe two trucks Iveco entered into the test this year were the Stralis 480 Hi-Way (AS750S48TZP), which pulled an interlink tautliner, and the Trakker 440SR (AT440T44TH SR), which pulled a tridem flat-deck trailer.

Mutseura believes Truck Test 2017 might be Iveco’s year to return better figures with its “secret weapon”, the Stralis, which boasts “unparalleled driver comfort”. The Trakker, which is an “extremely rugged truck”, also has some polished aspects, such as creature comforts and driver friendliness, which add some brawn to the mix.

These trucks were selected for their efficiency and capability, as the demanding loads needed to be transported using the least fuel possible.

According to Mutseura, they are extremely well suited for the South African market, and the Stralis is an “undisputed champion in long-haul transport”. “The Trakker continues to impress in the side-tipping game, and excels on long cross-border trips, where tough road conditions can add another dimension to the challenges faced by operators,” he adds.

Iveco has a holistic approach when it comes to its product offering, and, as such, has extended its service offering in South Africa to mirror the brand’s offering in Europe. Iveco’s range of products consists of, but is not limited to: a three-tonne panel van in the Daily range; the HCV Eurocargo; the Fiat-inspired 682 workhorse; the Trakker and Stralis extra-heavy commercial vehicles; as well as some serious off-road, mining, and extreme-load vehicles in the Iveco Astra range.

“Iveco caters for all the truck sectors and is present in the bus sector, too, with the well-received Afriway bus range,” Mutseura adds.

By following its philosophy of being a true “partner for sustainable transport”, the company’s offering extends even further than its expansive product range.

This means that Iveco can provide the full range of products required by operators. These include service and maintenance contracts, vehicle finance (through its partnership with WesBank), roadside assistance and driver training.

“Finally, Iveco would like to thank everyone involved in the test for their hard work as well as the many sponsors that allowed Truck Test 2017 to go forward,” Mutseura concludes.

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