Cummins reiterates commitment to Africa

Cummins reiterates commitment to Africa

On his recent trip to Africa, Cummins Inc. chairman and CEO Tom Linebarger hailed the continent as a key region for the company to obtain measurable and sustainable growth. The company’s local market share has already grown from ten to 18 percent in recent years.

“Our long-term objective is to be one of the strongest and most competitive companies on the continent,” Linebarger said while addressing 200 local employees.

“We have to move with urgency to achieve our dreams and develop opportunities for our families and shareholders. Despite many obstacles, the African team is playing a central role in ensuring that our dream can and will be achieved.”

Linebarger admitted that the economic downturn has had a negative impact on the company on a global scale. “The last couple of years have been challenging for Cummins. We have a large presence in developing countries with commodity-based economies, and the economic slowdown in these regions, as well as in more developed economies, has affected our bottom line.”  

“Our swift and proactive adaptation to these market conditions has minimised the negative impact on employees, and has also placed Cummins in a far stronger position than its competitors. When the markets turn, we will be prepared for growth,” continued Linebarger.

“Every region adheres to the same global standard of quality and service. There are no ‘second class’ regions at Cummins, and the state-of-the-art regional distribution centres in South Africa and Ghana, which are among the most advanced in the world, are testament to the fact that Africa is included in our global standard.”

“The Africa leadership team is working tirelessly to improve leadership structures by creating, nurturing and developing staff skills, in order to ensure that the leaders of tomorrow are fully prepared to successfully face the challenges that lie ahead of them,” he concluded.

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