Cut vehicle emissions by 90 percent …

Cut vehicle emissions by 90 percent …

Debate about the effectiveness of aftermarket devices and additives, which claim to reduce fuel consumption and vehicle emissions, will exist as long as motor vehicles are operational.

Nonetheless, the Air2Nitrous (A2N) device is now available. Its inventors claim it can reduce engine emissions by a staggering 90 percent, while cutting fuel consumption by an equally amazing 20 percent.

The system works by increasing the amount of oxygen molecules and decreasing the amount of nitrogen molecules in the combustion chamber.

Air passes unobstructed through the A2N converter ring located upstream of the vehicle’s air filter. The air is exposed to electrical discharges, separating nitrogen and oxygen from the atmospheric air and transforming it into nitrous oxide, which enriches the fuel/air mixture.

The system is designed to work with combustion engines powered by diesel, LPG, bunker oil, gasoline, natural gas and others. It can be fitted to any vehicle – whether land-, water- or air-bound.

The device was launched at the Earth Day Fair, organised by the American Chamber of Commerce, in Shanghai in China, and has passed California emissions standards on vehicles with and without catalytic converters.

Prices range from US$ 1 200 to US$ 3 500 (R14 450 to R42 150), depending on engine size.

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