Ctrack for Unitrans Automotive

Ctrack for Unitrans Automotive

Vehicle tracking and fleet management solutions company DigiCore has been appointed by Unitrans Automotive Group as a preferred supplier for vehicle tracking and stolen vehicle response services. DigiCore’s Ctrack devices will now be fitted to Volkswagen and Toyota stock units upon arrival at Unitrans dealerships.

“Unitrans’s customers will have peace of mind that their vehicle is protected by Ctrack’s stolen vehicle response services from the moment it is driven off the showroom floor,” says Nick Vlok, DigiCore CEO.

As the device is pre-fitted, customers no longer have the hassle of scheduling a convenient time for installation. The tracking device is endorsed by Unitrans and approved by the vehicle manufacturers.

With customer agreement, Unitrans will also be able to monitor kilometres travelled and provide proactive advice with regard to service bookings. This will assist in preventing warrantee issues, which occur if the prescribed kilometres driven between services are exceeded.

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