Dunlop’s trend-setting truck and trailer tyre

Dunlop’s trend-setting truck and trailer tyre

It’s no secret that differing wheel positions on truck and trailer combinations pose unique operating challenges for tyres – and now it’s no secret that a newly-developed trailer tyre from Dunlop has been designed specifically to meet these challenges. Truck Test 2012 presents the perfect opportunity for operators to get a sneak preview.

There’s been a trend among tyre manufacturers to introduce products designed and compounded for specific wheel positions and operating conditions – and the latest development comes from Dunlop, with the addition of a trailer tyre to its Transteel range of truck tyres.

The Transteel range currently includes steer, drive, trailer and all-axle tyre variants. The introduction of the trailer tyre, not yet available locally, completes the series.

The Dunlop Transteel 833 extends the Transteel family with a product designed and manufactured specifically for super-single trailer axles, and features a number of advancements to match the operating conditions faced by these units.

Firstly, the zig-zag tread design increases lateral rib support during tight turning circles and increases resistance to channel cracking – a common wear characteristic among tyres in service on super-single trailer axles. The optimised tread profile improves the contact patch, resulting in cooler-running tyres. This is further enhanced by the open shoulder grooves and improved compound, which reduces heat build up in the belt edges and minimises the chance of belt separation.

Trailer tyres are commonly exposed to impacts and sidewall scuffing, but the sidewall protector ribs incorporated in the shoulder and buttress of the Transteel 833 provide protection against this.

The most advanced technology and modern machinery has been applied to make the new generation Transteel range. Apollo Tyres South Africa, manufacturer and distributor of Dunlop, has invested substantial resources into its truck tyre business in the last few years – with well over R250 million worth of additional equipment installed at its Durban radial truck plant since 2008.

Apollo truck sales is headed by Tony Coetzee, who firmly believes in the premium performance of the Dunlop Transteel radial truck and trailer tyre range – whether for long haul, regional and short haul routes, or specialised applications.

“We have definitely raised the bar with our continuous quality enhancements,” he says. “The production capabilities and technological advancements have resulted in greater quality control; we’re now producing over 1 200 radial truck tyres per day, all of which have a five-year warranty and are retreadable.”

Apollo is able to export all over the world due to its high level of accreditation and adherence to stringent international quality standards. Excellent cost-per-kilometre performance, coupled to Apollo’s commitment to a full back-up system and training programmes, have assured long standing professional relationships with trucking and bus companies such as PUTCO, Buscor, Spiros Transport, Intercape Mainliner, Protours, Reinhardt Transport, Great North Transport and Imperial Logistics.

Apollo also offers its customer added-value services such as scrap-tyre analysis and general maintenance – including pressure checks and visual inspections for any vehicle faults that could affect tyre performance. Careful monitoring and comprehensive reports reveal any deficiencies in maintenance patterns.

Route surveys, tonnes-per-kilometre reviews, heat-generation studies, vehicle-alignment checks and load studies are also offered to Apollo Tyres’ fleet operators.

The company is proud of the training programmes that allow it to provide customers with a broad and relevant range of skills. These programmes cover correct tyre application and correct truck, tractor and trailer maintenance. Perhaps the most important programme the company offers is driver training, which not only assists in reducing fuel and maintenance costs but also produces better drivers for South African roads.

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