Leading the way with greener trailers

Leading the way with greener trailers

Serco Industries, a leading manufacturer of truck bodies and trailers, is excited that two of its new refrigerated trailers will be used – by Scania, Iveco and Hino – in Truck Test 2012.

Truck Test 2012 focuses on the performance of the various truck tractors, but it can’t be stressed enough that choosing the right specifications for your semi-trailer plays a big part in overall running costs, and hence your bottom line.

The Serco trailers being used are both 30-pallet semi-trailers fitted with refrigeration motors. Critical areas like the floor and side walls have proven themselves over the years, with Serco’s in-house design team constantly developing new improvements and innovations.

The trailers have 385 x 65 single tyres which have been shown to reduce fuel consumption by approximately 1,5 percent in comparison with dual tyres. The tyres are also fitted with “P-Eye” pressure indicators – and keeping tyre pressure at the correct level is a simple and effective way to reduce roll resistance and fuel consumption.

Further, the trailers are fitted with new innovative aerodynamic side skirts which have been shown to save between four and seven percent of fuel, thereby reducing carbon emissions further.

What makes these side skirts different is that they are made from a lightweight flexible panel which is resilient, a useful characteristic should the panels come into contact with fixed objects. The panels also have a smooth finish, which operators appreciate from a branding perspective. The product has been widely used in the USA, with Serco reporting that it achieved a 7,45 percent fuel saving during independent testing.

The trailers are fitted with the latest electronic braking system (EBS) from Wabco, which incorporates Roll Stability (RSS) to maximise driver safety.

One of the trailers also features the OptiTurn system which automatically lifts the rear axle when turning at low speeds. This reduces the turning circle and enables the driver to manoeuvre the vehicle more easily in tight spaces therefore reducing tyre wear which is a double benefit.

Serco is renowned for leading the way with innovative ideas and being conscientious about following “green” practices in its product designs and processes. It has implemented rain water harvesting to reduce water consumption at its manufacturing plants, and has taken steps to maximise the use of natural lighting to reduce power consumption at its main facilities.

“With our recent 30-year celebration, we have revitalised our core purpose to ‘delivering great products to transporters’,” says Clinton Holcroft, MD of Serco. “We are proud to be associated with Truck Test 2012 and intend to inspire our team and excite our customers into the future.”

Serco’s national manufacturing and repair facilities ensure that the company is not only able to produce high quality products but also support this with a dedicated after sales repair service.

Its products are tailored to meet the demanding operating conditions of the local market, and its in-house design team has a proven track record.

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