Durability, reliability, success

Durability, reliability, success

Straightforward, dependable trucks, backed by excellent research and development and dedicated after-sales service, is Powerstar’s recipe for success into 2015.

Over the last few years, Powerstar has been guided by vast, combined experience in the trucking industry. The company believes in satisfying its customers’ needs, while creating a workplace and environment that its team is happy to be in each day. The elements that worked have been kept, while those that did not fit in with this vision have been discarded.

Powerstar trucks are as straightforward as possible. They are specifically designed to rely on sound, no-nonsense performance principles, rather than on overcomplicated gizmos. They are, therefore, very simple to maintain.

Powerstar CEO, Bob Wang, says: “We undertake extensive research and development. This forms part of our commitment to continuously refine and adjust the designs of our vehicles to meet our customers’ ever-changing needs.”

He adds that Powerstar’s excellent engineering and its research and development team are important factors contributing to the success of the company’s operation in South Africa.

The team delivers high-end consultation with respect to early technical trouble-shooting and solutions. This has paid off significantly in terms of reliability levels, which are continuously improving.


The vigorous VX range features a host of updated features, including a trendy and improved cab design for extra driver comfort.

The VX range comprises the 1627 4×2, 1729 4×4, 2628 6×4 short- and long-wheelbase, 2628 6×4 truck tractor, 2635A 6×6, 2642S 6×4, 3335 6×4 short- and long-wheelbase and the 4035 8×4.

Using the renowned, powerful and compact Weichai engine, the new VX’s torque output and workhorse capabilities remain excellent.

The long-haul, heavy-duty V3 has superior cab comfort, maximised spaciousness and enhanced visibility, while the unique instrument panel promotes safety and increased productivity. The exquisitely sculptured design lines are on par with European trends, making this a beautiful, productive and a very reliable machine.

The V3 2646 truck tractor is powered by a Wiechai Euro-3 intercooled engine with a maximum geared road speed of 111 km/h.


To ensure that Powerstar trucks live up to their promise as durable workhorses, and to keep them running smoothly, the company’s parts and after-sales division carefully maintains inventory levels, while its ever-growing after-sales and service network helps keep downtime to a minimum.

After many years of analysing the company’s aftermarket and the daily requirements of its customers, Powerstar is well positioned to support its customers, who are regarded not just as numbers, but as part of the team. The different company divisions think alike and have the right mindset; communication is, therefore, a breeze – which makes Powerstar a well-oiled machine.


Powerstar is excited to keep on growing its market share during 2015 by continuing to improve existing and new customer relationships, and by offering the highest level of service to back up its quality products.

Powerstar is looking forward to the road ahead and to a successful 2015.

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