Exploring accident management

Exploring accident management

Self-insurance with an aggregate excess is an established insurance practice. How many fleet owners have the expertise and resources to manage the operational risks that accompany this? Accident repair is expensive; driven by vehicle technology, imported vehicles and warranty requirements.

The accident-management services of established fleet-management companies have a structure based on expertise, information and strong supplier relationships.

Accident management – which is focused on cost reduction, quality and prompt repair times – has four principal elements:

Driver support: Many of us know the value of expert roadside help accessed with a phone call.

Cost management: Today the cost of an accident repair can be identified using specialist software. Couple this with significant buying power, independent and trustworthy technical evaluation and costs will be reduced to the correct levels. If outside of warranties, cheaper alternatives will be identified.

Time management: Apart from the frustration of late delivery, it impacts negatively on vehicle utilisation – a major cost contributor. Accident-management companies actively track and manage repair progress.

Supplier management: Costs and quality, which protect resale values, are best managed through strong supplier relationships.

Accidents generally require the services of many suppliers. All are managed through the accident-management process. Purchase orders are placed, invoices vetted and paid. All expenses are consolidated into a single customer VAT invoice and extensive reports are available to assist in future risk-management activities.

Accident management is a comprehensive service with a proven record of reducing costs and improving operational efficiency.

Visit www.fleetsolutions.co.za to find suppliers who are able to offer a comprehensive accident-management service.

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