Federal-Mogul makes minibus taxis safer

Federal-Mogul makes minibus taxis safer

Federal-Mogul has introduced a range of copper-free Ferodo Taxi brake pads, which are designed specifically for the Toyota Quantum minibus taxis that transport millions of commuters across South Africa every day.

Alfred Adriaan, Federal-Mogul brand manager, reveals that the company made the decision to officially launch the Ferodo Taxi brake pads in October 2013, after discovering the dangerously poor condition of a number of brake systems in Quantum taxis, during extensive field testing across the country.

“Our findings revealed that most braking systems on these vehicles were in a substandard condition, which poses a danger to everybody on the road,” he says. “A large number of brake lines were found to be pinched, which runs the serious risk of the line tearing apart and the entire system failing. Other major issues included an absence of brake fluid and no service history on the brake system.”

Adriaan explains that the Ferodo Taxi brake pads have been fitted to numerous volunteer Quantum vehicles with overwhelmingly positive results, because they’ve improved brake pad and disc wear.

Bertie Steyn, Federal-Mogul technical adviser, indicates that industry-standard heavy metals in the taxi brake pads have been replaced with a specially formulated solvent to lower the wear rate on the brake pads and discs.

Federal-Mogul makes minibus taxis safer“The formulation of an effective solvent was a highly challenging and complex task. Dedicated hours of research and development, however, resulted in the production of a new component that improves safety by lowering friction and is environmentally friendly.”

By replacing heavy metals with the solvent, Steyn indicates that the Ferodo Taxi pads eliminate emissions of copper and other particles into the environment, while providing better braking and a smoother, quieter performance. Steyn adds that this new solvent technology is a breakthrough on an international level.

“Federal-Mogul is a global pioneer in the application of this technology. The company has proactively introduced the copper-free Ferodo Taxi brake pads to the local market far ahead of international proposals to entirely eliminate copper from friction materials.”

Adriaan notes that by adopting the copper-free Ferodo Taxi brake pads to their Quantum fleets, taxi owners in South Africa have the opportunity to place themselves ahead of increasingly stringent environmental legislation, while improving their reputation for road safety.

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