First full-size electric bus

First full-size electric bus

BYD, the innovative Chinese company in which super-investor Warren Buffet holds a 10% stake, will unveil its eBUS-12 full-sized single-deck electric bus at Busworld in Kortrijk, Belgium this month.

The eBUS-12 is believed to be the first full-size full electric bus in the world.

BYD (standing for Build Your Dreams) is a major corporation employing more than 200 000 people. The company began life as a producer of lithium batteries before entering the automotive arena in 2006. The eBUS-12 is its first bus model and is due to enter trial service in several European cities in the coming months.

As part of its Green City Solution programme, BYD has been focusing on the research and development of electric vehicles of all types.

The eBUS-12 is designed for passenger comfort. The specially designed in-wheel drive and the electronically controlled air suspension (ECAS) give the eBUS-12 an exceptionally low floor, a wide door and ample floor space.

The front windscreen occupies two thirds of the face of the bus for maximum visibility and safety. The silver body conveys an elegant exterior image, while the interior boasts an adjustable leather driver’s seat, high-quality leather seats for passengers and carefully engineered sound insulation to keep the interior noise levels whisper quiet.

As BYD’s first pure electric bus, the eBUS-12 also employs many advanced technologies developed internally by BYD. For example, the unique Fe Battery used on the eBUS-12 is non-polluting, as the materials contained in the battery can be recycled or easily disposed of.  Solar panels installed on top of the eBUS-12 supply power to help charge the Fe batteries. The trip computer on the instrument panel provides all the service information necessary for the driver and gives him clear information while driving.

“With eBUS-12 we have chosen to address one of the most demanding vehicle types – a full-size passenger bus. We are confident from our extensive testing programme – which has taken place over the last two years – that we can match our range and recharge claims in the real world, offering enormous environmental advantages in the process,” says Paul Lin, head of European sales of BYD.

“We are hoping to attract considerable interest from European bus operators during Busworld and will be in a position to begin our trials programme within just a few months.”

eBUS-12 Highlights
Environmentally friendly
• No direct emissions
• Low noise
• Recyclable Fe battery; no toxic electrolytes and no heavy metals

• Regenerative braking
• In-wheel drive
• Fe battery
• Easy charging; fully charged in three to six hours, depending on charger type

Long range
• The eBUS-12 is able to run 250 km on a single charge in urban conditions (without input from the solar cells).

• Uni-body construction
• 4-wheel disc brakes
• ABS and ASR

Passenger-oriented design
• Three passenger doors with low entry
• Special ramps for wheelchair access
• Flat floor throughout the passenger cabin

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